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Ingesting Too Much THC Can:

Be Calm Is A Must Have For Whenever You Need To CALM DOWN!

Cause Anxiety

The #1 reported negative side effect associated with weed? Anxiety! Be Calm's Pure CBD is a government approved method to calm the Anxiety caused by THC.   

Counteracts The Negative Effects Of THC

Our 99% pure CBD is proven to counteract the negative effects associated with THC. 

How do you normally calm down when you get too high? Take a nap? Just wait it out? Just take a single shot of Be Calm to calm down. 

Simple, Single Shot To Calm Down

700mg 99% of Pure CBD

Our product has 99% pure CBD, zero THC, 700mg of CBD in 7ml, and is dubbed the "Super Shot" to help you calm down no matter your size, height or body mass.

Cause Nausea, Tremors & Paranoia

If you have ever been too high, you know the feeling of paranoia, nausea, & tremors... Be Calm can relieve these symptoms with our Super Shot of 700mg Pure CBD.

Cause General Discomfort  

Avoid feelings of general discomfort at the source. First-time users and experienced users can find fast relief to continue with their day after just one shot of Be Calm!

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Too Much THC?

The Only Product In The Market DESIGNED To Help You Calm Down From Negative Symptoms Caused By Too Much THC


No Matter If This Is Your First Time Using THC, Or Your 1000th...

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